Design Matters National Winner - Excellence in Use of Metal

2020 Design Matters Winner Excellence In Use Of Metal: The Blue Moon

“The pure magnitude of the blade feature wall is an effort in itself.”
Then add the cut-out half-moon profile and the close-up detail in all the fixings and finishings and it is a piece of art that will stand up in its environment. The Cor-Ten™ has been aged to perfection by the builder to get just the right colour to suit the environment and its surroundings, but to also bring all the materials used in the home together.

BDAV – People’s choice award

This project first started with an extensive feasibility on the integrity and former use of the building to see if it could be transformed and function as a base for the ASTERIA group. The Executive and the Board had a strong vision that this building would help strengthen the ASTERIA brand. The existing office was fully stripped down with a new design to increase the footprint and improve access and safety throughout the building. The addition of architectural claddings and the feature blade wall with custom windows has given the old building new life. We have loved taking on this challenge for the ASTERIA group and are currently working on more exciting projects that will continue to build their brand.

Alfred Mica Smith Medal

RB Building Design is proud to be nominated in the new and emerging business awards, with the main focus to provide quality architectural plans and documentation for residential and commercial projects. Ryan has a passion for achieving high levels of service through economical construction techniques and environmental efficiency in design that can meet each customer’s specific design requirements.

Ryan also received the prestigious Alfred Mica Smith Medal, to honour his excellence in Architectural Design.

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